Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fine Wine.

So I just began reading Searching for God Knows What, written by Don Miller (Author of Blue Like Jazz). Anyways, I have only finished the first chapter, and it is incredible. So if you aren't reading something right now, pick it up!
So the first chapter is entitled "Fine Wine" which explains the title of this blog. The line that corresponds with this states "Reality is like a fine wine. It will not appeal to children." This whole chapter talks about his possible attempt to write a self - help book. After thinking alot about what the solid steps would be to have a good blessed life and the fact that self help books of any genre had never really changed anything in the past, he realizes that there can no be a self help book for Christians, except the Bible. Now obviously there are books that shed light and make you think differently about things (like this one), but he is talking about the books with titles like "3 easy steps to improving your walk with God" or "5 steps to making through a trial." Here are some excerpts from the first chapter for you:

"I remember watching that television show I Dream of Jeanie when I was young, and wondering at how great it would be to have a Jeannie of my own, complete with the sexy outfit, who could blink a grilled-cheese sandwich out of thin air, all the while cleaning my room and doing my homework. I realize, of course, that is very silly and there is no such thing as a genie that lives in a lamp, but it still makes me wonder if secretly we dont wish God were a genie who could deliver a few wishes here and there. And that makes me wonder if what we really want from the formula are the wishes, not God. It makes me wonder if what we really want is the control, not a relationship."

"Some would say formulas are how we interact with God, that going through motions and jumping through hoops are how a person acts out his spirituality. This method of interaction, however, seems odd to me, because if I want to hang out with my friend Tuck, I dont stomp my foot three times, turn around, and say his name over and over like a mantra, lighting candles and getting myself in a certain mood. I just call him. In this way, formulas presuppose God is more a computer or a circus monkey than an intelligent Being. I realize that sounds harsh, but it is true."

"I know there are people who have actually gone from misery to happiness, but they didnt do it by walking through three steps, they did it because they had a certain set of parents and heard a certain song and knew sombody who had a certain experience and saw a movie, read some books, had something happen to them like a car wreck or a trip to Seattle. Then they called on God, and when all this had happened they had an epiphany, and somebody may have helped them fulfill what this epiphany made them feel, and several years later they rationalized this mystic experience with three steps, then they told the three steps to us in a book. I'm not saying they weren't trying to be helpful; I bring this up only because life is complex, and the idea that you can break it down or fix it in a few steps is rather silly."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Myers Briggs

Today I learned a lot about myself. I dont know if you have ever heard about it, but the Myers Briggs personality test is probably one of the greatest things invented... ok that may go too far, but it is pretty great if you ask me.
I have taken tons of test like this, where you learn about yourself and discover your "hidden personality traits." I always secretly thought that they were a little vain in the end, because it was just a chance to hear about yourself. I mean, I love taking them, because who doesnt like hearing about themselves from some random person. Anyways, I had a long meeting with a career councelor for work today so my partner and I could look at our myers briggs and see how our personalities fit. Before I get going, let me first say that this blog is NOT to tell everyone here what I am and all about MY personality. It is being written so that everyone who reads it will know that these things really are helpful.
To make a very long story (all about my anxiety and full Load) short, through this one test I realized how God not only works through me, but has given me the ability to juggle a lot at one, just so that I will have to run to Him with it all. I will go crazy if I dont.
So now I leave you all with this...
It is the link to take the FREE test. Once you figure out what you are (there will be some letters and numbers) write it down and then tell me. I would LOVE to walk you through it all and teach you something new about what God has for you and how you have been magnificently programmed.
Well goodnight everyone and keep me in our prayers. My "rapid eye movement" is getting pretty bad.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jazz and the 2007 Holiday.

#1. Isn't that one beautiful peice of artwork. When I say artwork, i mean the sky. God is pretty good at what he does.

#2. I am currently finishing Blue Lake Jazz by Don Miller and these are a few of his thoughts that I found especially enlightening:

"A friend of mine, a young pastor who recently started a church, talks to me from time to time about the new face of the church in America - the postmodern church. He says the new church will be different from the old one, that we will be revelant to human culture and human struggle. I dont think any church has ever been relevant to culture, to the human struggle, unless it believed in Jesus and the power of His gospel. If the supposed new church believes in trendy music and cool web pages, then it is not relevant to culture either. It is just another tool of Satan to get people to be passionate about nothing."

"I think there are artists at a lot of churches who dont have an outlet, and by creating an outlet, the church gives artists a chance to express themselves and in return the church gets free stuff to put on their walls. Creating an arts group at a church is a great idea"
( I saw this as going into all common interests of gifts. Churches need ministries that allow their members to use their gifts and practice their gifts together)
"If loving other people is a bit of heaven then certainly isolation is a bit of hell, and to that degree, here on earth, we decide in which state we would like to live."

(Spouse to spouse) "I will love you like God, because of God, mighted by the power o f God. I will stop expecting your love, demanding your love, trading for your love, gaming for you love. I will simply love. I am giving myself to you, and tomorrow I will do it again. I suppose the clock will wear thin its time before I am ended at this altar of dying and dying again."

It is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone.
#3. This past holiday was wonderful. I am now living back at Biola (which is ver exciting) but I will always cherish the few weeks I was at home. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. I love my friends. They are pretty funny.