Friday, November 30, 2007


So last night was one of the greatest nights I have had in while. Not only was I able to take some absolutely ridiculous pictures, play an intense game of Disney Scene-It, and drink a multitude of holiday beverages, but I also had a great time of prayer and worship with close friends.
I have been pretty overwhelmed the past few weeks with school, work, family, etc. and I was and still am slighty a little anxious. Last night, God was showing me through the prayers of others that I need to rely on Him for everything. I dont know why I worry because I have the peace that He has it all under control.
And isnt it great that once God speaks to you on a certain subject once, He doesn't stop there? This morning in chapel we had an extended time of worship and each and every song reiterated the same exact message. God is Everlasting. So here are the lyrics to some of the songs this morning. I hope that they will bless you all.

"A thousand times I fail
still Your mercy remains
Should I stumble again
I am caught in Your grace

Your light will shine when all else fails
Your glory goes beyond all fame
And the cry of my heart is to bring you praise
From the inside out
Lord my sould cries out"

-Inside Out (Hillsong United)

"When hope is lost
I'll call you savior
When pain surrounds
I'll call you healer
When silence falls
You'll be the song within my heart

I will praise you
I will praise you
When the tears fall
Still I will sing to you"

-When the Tears Fall (Tim Hughes)

Be blessed today!

The first official posting on the first official blog.

So here is goes; The first blog. I promise that I will try to make my postings as interesting as possible because I am pretty sure that no one wants to hear me drone on about my life without me making any connections to anyone else. I would like this to be a place where I can post some information, throw up a few pictures, and just let my mind loose a little. So thank you for reading post one and know that you will be hearing more soon.

Ps. The url was inspired by a Starbucks visit I had a few weeks ago. After telling the barista my name, she automatically spelled it that way. i thought it was interesting, and, well, down right more exciting.