Thursday, November 26, 2009

She's still got it

In memory of my post last year on December 8, 2008, I would just like to say....

She's still got it

I love you Beyonce.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Disney before the Holidays

So we took one last trip to Disneyland before the Holidays cheer touches down and makes itself at home for the next few months. There definitely were touches of Christmas around the park, just ready to bust out, but not in its full glory yet. We decided to take pictures with the Characters because we were there so early in the day, but that only lasted for about 5 minutes and Minnie happened to be the first thing we saw.

Stay tuned for some Christmas-afied Disneyland coming soon!!!!

The fifth member of the quartet

I saw one of the cutest sites at Disneyland recently. The barbershop quartet on main street was doing their normal routine, so in typically I would just walk by while still enjoying the music. However, this time around something else caught my eye. It was the most adorable little girl who was right up in the performance and loving every minute of it. The best part was the the guys were going right along with it by smiling back, singing to her, and pointing her out during the show. I am sure she will remember it as one of her most exciting Disneyland trips. Here's an idea of what I saw...

San Diego

Johnny and I took a little road trip down to San Diego in place of our Seattle trip and hit up some great spots...

To start off, we went to the Taylor factory, since I just recently got my NEW GUITAR!!!! They give daily factory tours, and it was pretty awesome to see how the whole process works. If you have any interest in guitars, I would recommend it. The only negative was that our tour guide had REALLY heavy breathing and we were all wearing headphones throughout the tour to hear the information at all stages... it gotta a little annoying, but then i
t just got funny. I played this beautiful 12 string at the end of the tour and broke one of its many strings... I guess the sign that it wasn't for me. Then Johnny accidently took his "all-access badge" so we took pictures with it as proof. haha

After the tour we got dinner at Corner Bakery, which was fabulous, and headed into downtown to find this incredible dessert shop that had been highly recommended by my good friend Adrie. It is called Extraordinary Desserts.

They have a beautifully quaint location that has amazing desserts... in fact they truly are extraordinary. We decided to order the chocolate bread pudding with chocolate chip ice cream. They also had an amazing tea collection, which I was a little more excited about than Johnny.

Overall it was a wonderful day, and very relaxing and nice to get away from school :) I want to definitely try and go again, and maybe next time hit the ZOO!